Getting to Yad Hashmona

Israeli Guests. Yad Hashmona is situated off the Road No 1, between Shoresh and Hemed Interchange. Please consult a Road Access Map  for further details.

Foreign Guests. In order to get from the Ben Gurion International Airport to the Yad Hashmona Guest House, take a taxi. Taxi services are regulated and the taxi companies operate under permission. It is recommended not to use random taxi services, but to approach the taxi dispatcher. The taxi rank and the supervisor's station at Terminal 3 are on Level G of the multilevel road (close to the Gates 02 and 03). Ask the driver to take you to Yad Hashmona Guest House (you are advised to have handy a Road Access Map ). The ride should take around 40 minutes.

The cost should be about NIS 280 if you use a regular taxi service (Hadar Lod Company) and about NIS 65 if you opt for a shared taxi service (Nesher Tours) running between the airport and Jerusalem; please ask a taxi driver to drop you off at the Yad Hashmona Guest House.

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